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Contacts are the lifeblood of customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Contacts are the people who are associated with an organization, such as customers, vendors, partners, and employees. They can be individuals or organizations.

Contacts are the foundation of any CRM system. They provide a way to store and track customer information, such as contact information, sales history, and customer preferences. Contacts also provide a way to keep track of relationships between customers and the organization.

Contacts are typically stored in a CRM system using a contact record. A contact record contains information such as a contact's name, address, phone number, email address, and other relevant information. The contact record also contains a list of associated relationships, such as customers, vendors, partners, and employees.

The contact record can also include additional information, such as notes, tasks, and activities. This information can be used to track customer interactions, sales opportunities, and customer service inquiries.

Contacts can be used to segment customers into different groups. For example, a CRM system can be used to create customer segments based on geography, customer type, or customer size. This allows an organization to better target its marketing and sales efforts.

Contacts can also be used to track customer loyalty and satisfaction. Customer feedback can be collected through surveys, which can be used to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Contacts are a powerful tool for managing customer relationships. They provide a way to store and track customer information, segment customers, and measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. By leveraging contacts, organizations can better understand their customers and build stronger relationships.

In Discoveri CRM, Contacts can be classified into different groups on the web dashboard including buyers, sellers, agents etc. Also enables synicng with whatsapp and google if you choose to sync.

Check out the contacts feature on Discoveri CRM

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